Friends of the Library


Students who are interested in helping learn more about the library and assist others to use the library.
Students need to be friendly and willing to learn and help others.
Students must be prepared to commit to the role for the year.

Students interested in becoming a FOL need to see Mrs Boulton to learn more.



This role position is for students in upper primary.
Support for students during 1st break
Jobs before school (logging on computers, OPAC’s …)
Advocacy -Book Fairs, Book Week, Visiting Authors…
The Book Worms Reading Club – organise and promote reading

Other eg. Delivery of resources to CRC (Cecile Ryan Centre)



This role is for students who are interested in helping others with technology.

Each student who takes on this role will be trained to use the technology in the Junior School and how they might support other students use it more effectively.

This might involve troubleshooting and advice to others, teaching other students how to use a tool or helping set up resources.

Additionally, ICT Mentors are expected to help with the student use of the technology in the JS Library during 1st break.


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